Monday already?

Why do weekends go by so much faster than work days?

So, the most amazing thing happened this weekend! The SUN decided to shine down on this wonderful city for one whole day. That’s how this twisted relationship that I have with Portland works. It rains and rains and I swear to myself that if one more rain drop falls on my favorite leather purse I will pack up my dog and husband and go somewhere else forever. Anywhere else. And then, of course, the clouds part and the river starts to sparkle and I realize why I moved here in the first place. Siiiigh.

I celebrated my one year anniversary of working for Columbia Credit Union this week. Can you believe it’s been a year since I blogged about getting that job? What a fast, fun, wonderful year it has been.

Thank you Jesus for my life. I am blessed beyond belief. So excited about what the present and our future.

Cheers to Monday I guess 🙂


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