It’s goin around…

Welp I officially got “what’s going around” this week. I spent my 2 days off glued to the couch with tissues stuffed up my nose so it would stop dripping long enough for me to sleep for half a second.

And aren’t dogs supposed to have some crazy ability to know when their owners are feeling like crap, and they act sweet towards them? Well bless his little heart, Henry is apparently missing more screws in his brain then we thought. He. Drove. Me. Crazy. This. Week.

I even dragged my sick sorry butt to the park yesterday (I took the tissues out of my nose for that short time) to try and get some energy out of him so he’d let me take a nap. Welp, turns out that an hour of running around only makes him more hyper when he gets home.

Also, I’m starting to wonder if I will ever see my hardwood floor again. Every time we let the dog out brings a new layer of mud on the floor that I’ve come to accept. Since it rains every day in Portland I don’t think I have a choice but to make mud a part of our family.

That’s what’s new in MY life! Happy Halloween!
I’ll post pictures next of the incredibly beautiful fall leaves in my amazing city. I can’t wait to show them off!

Love you all! 🙂

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