Home at Last!

So here’s an update on the nutso life of myself and Josh:

1. The sun has been out for 3 days straight! What an AMAZING sight if you live in the pacific northwest. For those not familiar with the climate here, it (supposedly) rains most every day from October to Aptil/Mayish, and then is beautiful and sunny all Summer long. That was definitely not the case the past 2 months. In fact, all the reports are saying that this month of june has been the coldest and rainiest we’ve EVER had. UGHHH. So now you see where I’m coming from when I say that the sunshine is VERY appreciated.

2. We found out the other day that our puppy is due next week! The sweet Momma named Shea is having a litter of about 14 pups next week, and in August we’ll get to take one home! YAY!!

3. And the biggest news of the week is….(drumroll)…..we signed a lease on a beautiful little 2 bedroom house in North Portland! After much searching and praying and waiting, we found a house that we love, with a landlord we love, in a neighborhood we love. We get to move in on July 8th, and I am so ready to live somewhere that I truly enjoy. I’m going to have a garden and a new puppy and wonderful husband to share it with. So exciting!

Here’s a link to a couple pictures of our new place.

So, here’s to Summer and new locations and the beautiful orange glowing round thing in the sky!


2 thoughts on “Home at Last!

  1. oh my gosh wow. i just fell in love with your house. how does something like that exist TO RENT? so jealous 🙂 save us a spot for next spring!

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