I live a crazy life.

Caroline was bad this week and had her heart completely set on this adorable house that we applied to rent. I just knew with all my heart that the darling landlord would call at any moment and give us a move in date. But no. Mean, awful, bad landlord called in the middle of dinner and shot an arrow right through my heart. So the search continues…

My dinner party thing went…eh…well(?) the other night. To clarify, by the time our friends came over to enjoy the delicious “oven fried walnut and herb chicken” the entire house smelled like smoke and there was bits of black charred nuts in the citrus salad. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all.

Here’s a picture of my wonderful dishes that were used for the very first time this week.

And my homemade Sangria. Classy looking pitcher, eh? 🙂

I am happy to report that Portland saw its first days of sun in months this past weekend. It was completely glorious, and pretty hilarious to see all the people wearing coats and Ugg boots in 80 degree weather. I spent a total of 7 hours in parks the past 2 days. Love it!

I have a lot to be thankful for. Especially my husband. No matter what my day is like at work or how bad I’m feeling, he can make me smile-well, more like laugh till I pee my pants. I love coming home to him and seeing his car pull up outside my work when he’s taking me out to lunch and having ridiculous conversations in the car. It will never get old, man, I’m tellin ya! Thank you Jesus!!!

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