My husband has become pretty awesome at photography, as I said in my last post. He just finished editing a couple pictures from Vancouver. Click HERE to see the rest. They’re pretty beautiful.


We’ve been blown away lately at how God’s moving around us. Most of our encouragement comes from our friends Brad and Mirela Watson who moved here a couple months before we did. They have come alongside us with words and prayers that have really helped Josh and I re-focus on why we are here every day.

We’ve spent hours and hours this week discussing how to attain authentic, biblical community within our house church and beyond. Although all in all, I’ve been feeling very ill-equipped to reach the people of Portland, our time together has reminded me of how big our God is and how much good a little faith can do for a lost city.

This season of life is so different than any I’ve ever experienced. We knew God had us move here for many reasons. We’re pretty sure one of the main reasons was to help us become risk-takers and to put us in a situation where we have to rely on Him for things we’ve taken for granted all these years, like friends, money, community, etc. I am also happy to report that He has totally come through for us. It is difficult every day to wake up in a city that doesn’t feel like home, in a house that is shared by people we hardly know, and work in a restaurant where no one cares where I’m from or who I am. But the miracle is that amid the temptations for self-pity and loneliness there is a great sense of hope. I am so blessed to be called an ambassador for Christ, and to have been placed out of my comfort zone to learn and grow.

Welp, fall is now upon us, and I will leave you with a few pictures from when us and the Watsons walked to Laurelhurst Park to gawk at the beautiful leaves…and then it started pouring rain.

Goofy guys and their pipes

Goofy guys and their pipes

Mirela and myself

Mirela and myself

aaaaand the monsoon.

aaaaand the monsoon.

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